Customer Interview

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Why do you want to create such a space?

Is it the ideal space you wanted, or is there any trace similar as you imagined when you were young, or completely different?

Do you have any idea of space designing?What is it like in your mind?

Do you have any interesting stories of your home to share?

What 's your favorite part of your house?

What do you think is important to show your personality?How do you describe your personality?

How your career affect your personality? or to be interacted between the two?

Do you have any knowledge of building and designing?

What would you like to share when the house is built? Do you have any more benefit than the construction?

In your opinion, what is luxury?

Do you want to design your own house by yourself if possible?

Do you have a friend that he or she quite affects you deeply? How he or she does? Do you want to live like them? Why?

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